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Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |
Guest Post Minimalism

Tidy home, simple life – Minimalism for Families

Minimalism is not just for you. It does not affect just one aspect of your life. As a matter of fact, minimalism is for everyone and all aspects of your life! Great right? Today, I am so excited to have Tara from Trim Epil share with you about how minimalism is for families. She discusses various aspects of how it alters your family’s life, and I think you are going to enjoy her thoughts!

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Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |

Tidy home, simple life – Minimalism for Families

It is no wonder that in the world of overconsumption, stress and cluttering, more people are striving towards leading minimalistic lifestyles. If you want to make your first steps towards minimalism and involve your entire family in this contemporary decluttering movement, there are several very simple things which you can do in order to get started.

Keep memories, not stuff

Multiple studies now have confirmed that decluttering your home, workspace and even your inbox and hard disk can help alleviate the symptoms of stress, which is no wonder since clutter surrounding you can cause over-cluttering of your senses and brain which leads to unnecessary and additional stress to your body and mind.

Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |

Remember when you are starting the process of decluttering to make sure you keep the things which bring actual memories to you and your family and get rid of all the excess and unneeded possessions which are just taking up space in your home and garden.

So, open up a keepsake box or chest for all those precious memories such as photos, postcards, first teeth and hair locks, so that you can treasure your memories forever.

Less is more

This concept is gaining popularity among people in the modern society, who are coming to realize that too many objects and things cannot change the way they feel if they are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied.

Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |

Just think about all the possessions you have in your home. You can take the time to calculate how much of your money you have spent on buying things which you don’t really need or barely use.

True, getting your children to share this belief could be a bit tricky, given how kids are absorbed with receiving gifts and new stuff all the time.

But believe me if you start teaching them this wonderful philosophy that “less is more” it will help them appreciate the little things and the simple gestures much more than getting that new Nintendo or gadget.


Declutter your home and donate your excess but useful stuff

Think about the positives of getting rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn for ages, the toys your kids are no longer interested in, or of those items which you keep stuffed in your kitchen cabinets and your closets. Firstly, you will have much more space to enjoy your family time. Then, you will need much less time to clean and tidy up everything in your home, and also life will become much simpler if you don’t spend hours looking for something amongst all the other useless things you keep around your home.

The best part of decluttering is that you can do something really nice with the things you no longer use – you can give them to your friends and neighbors, you can donate them to a charity or someone who really needs them, or why not make a buck and sell them to someone interested? Try out the three box or bag method when you are cleaning out your home from unnecessary stuff. One should be for the trash or recycling, the other for donations and gifts and the third – for sale.

This way, at the end of the day – you will end up with a cleaner and freer home, and a clearer and more satisfied mind and conscience at the same time.

Simplify your morning routine

Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |

Apart from cleaning up your house from unwanted things, you can also move forward to leading a more minimalist lifestyle overall. What better place to start than your morning routine? You can make life simpler, easier and much less stressful if you change the way you get ready for the new day, right?

Firstly, if you need to shave on the next day, why not do it on the night before instead? Don’t over complicate your skin care routine, too.

Just those two simple changes will save you a lot of time and hassle and will free up those extra minutes for something more pleasurable and useful such as having breakfast with the family or enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee.

The same goes for showering. You can take a shower or bath before bed and you will not only sleep better, but you will also wake up clean and ready for work or your errands. If you absolutely need to shower in the morning make sure you time your bath time by either setting up an alarm or by playing a playlist which runs for a set time.

If you invest in a good hair clipper, you can also save time for visiting the hairstylist or barber and fix up your preferred hairstyle at home.

Tidy home, simple life - Minimalism for Families |
Hairstyles and makeup can eat up quite a bit of your time in the morning, so the best recommendation is to go for easy-to-manage hairstyles and simple-to apply and yet effective makeup by limiting your grooming and makeup products.

Extend minimalism to your digital life

Take the time to look through your files, photos and other data you have been storing in all of the devices you use on a daily basis. Life is so much more fun when you have lots of free storage space and you don’t need to spend ages finding that exact video, photo or file you need. Declutter your inbox, your phone and computer memory, so that you can move through all the necessary data swiftly and without spending hours looking through those directories.

So what are your favorite minimalism lifestyle tips? Are you moving toward more simple and stress-free life too?

Tara Edwards writes for – a hair care and grooming blog providing useful information about the topic. She is addicted to green living and healthy food, loves taking pictures, and spending quality time with her family.