18 Things About A Welder’s Wife

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

With all the new members in this community, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a little about myself and this blog with a fun 18 things for 2018 style! First of all, Hello!! I am Erin, content creator here at A Welder’s Wife!

A Welder’s Wife was established in December of 2015, as a way to document my journey to downsizing. Along the way, I developed a love for the minimalism community and made that my focus. The journey to decluttering and figuring out what simplifying life meant was a bit of a travel. It is not necessarily something I think anyone can completely master, but the evolution of my journey has unfolded greatly.

A little over two years after starting this blog, there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others live a simpler lifestyle by means of decluttering and living each day with intention. Starting next month, the focus of A Welder’s Wife is expanding to focus on how to live a simple lifestyle through a minimalist’s perspective. You can still expect many of the same posts from me, but the expansion is going to include things, such as DIY recipes, farming and gardening, and more decluttering advice.

I think this expansion is going to benefit everyone within this community get back to their natural roots, and give everyone an opportunity to try some new things! I have wanted to share this part of my life with you for the longest, and not really sure why it has taken so long to do so. BUT I am so excited to step out of my comfort zone to bring you content that is going to be simple, actionable, and a better experience!

Okay, let’s get to the 18 things!

18 Things About A Welder's Wife |

18 Things About A Welder’s Wife

1 // The blog name comes from being married to a man who loves to build things via welding. I wanted something simple that puts focus on the everyday wife.

2 // A Welder’s Wife was meant to be an online journal. I did not foresee the growth it would have in these couple of years. Nor was it my intention when starting this blog.

3 // I value the experience of downsizing and the lessons it has brought. However, I do not wish to remain in a 600 square foot studio style apartment for forever.

4 // Gardening brings me a great peace and joy that I never thought possible. I prefer my husband stay out of it and allow me to tend to it alone.

5 // I have a passion for raising animals, and sometimes prefer them to humans. 😉

6 // We have a flock of chickens that I love dearly! When I get home from work, they all come running to the end of their run to say hello. [You will be seeing more of them soon on the blog!]

7 // My grandmother is my best friend and the person I call to vent to when I need to relax. [She also returns the favor.]

8 // My husband and I met when we were 14 & 15. It was love at first sight, and we knew we were the one for each other.

9 // In 2016, I admitted that I had a fear of success. For 2017, my goal was to overcome that fear. Now in 2018, I can say that I no longer have a fear of success!

10 // I admire women who get all dolled up for the day, everyday. I wish I had that drive, but somewhere along the way, I lost it.

11 // I invested in a fancy camera to be able to show you more of the world I love. While I am a totally newbie, I am trying to be a quick study.

12 // I am a through and through introvert, but I can wear the mask of an extrovert like no one’s business. This reason alone is why I think I enjoy writing so much.

13 // Believe it or not, I am naturally blonde. However, I enjoy having brunette hair much more. May not be very minimalist to a lot of people, but it is something I enjoy too much to change.

14 // Shopping is awful, and I think that is why my wardrobe is so small.

15 // A big goal I am working towards is paying off our land, so that we can build our dream house. [If you are interested in more details about our reasoning, comment below to let me know!]

16 // I could not imagine having a better spouse who supports this community [in a silent way], and encourages me to dream bigger than I could ever imagine.

17 // Change is not cool, but it is the only constant to life. I am still learning how to deal with that.

18 // I suffer with anxiety on a daily basis, but the Mental Cleanse Challenge, Kiara at Blissfully Brunette and I put together, has helped tremendously in decreasing its effects.

So now that I have shared so much, I want you to share something about yourself! It does not have to be a full 18 things as I have done, but if you do, I may become your biggest fan!

Monday’s post will be a bit different. Sarah at Loving Little Dixie and I are trading blogs for the day! She has written a post that you are going to be very inspired by, and I would appreciate any love that you could leave for her in the comments. The content I am sharing over on her blog may also intrigue you, so I will be sure to provide a link for you to check it out, as well!

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  • Reply
    January 27, 2018 at 2:34 am

    Exciting news about your change of direction! I am so with you on the clothes. I do 95% of my shopping online, I hate trying on things in stores so much! We live in the country and I’m starting to think more and more about chickens but I worry about our dog and cat causing problems with them.

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      January 31, 2018 at 9:24 am

      Thank you, Katie! I am so excited to share these new ideas on the blog! We had the same thoughts when it came to chickens, too. We gave our dogs the chance to coexist together while my husband and I were there with them. However, one of our fur babies showed us that it was best to give them their own space. Now our chickens have a safe area to play around in all day, unsupervised and they love it! A lot of people have dogs and cats that can coexist with chickens, but our particular breed of dogs do not do well with small livestock.

  • Reply
    January 28, 2018 at 2:21 am

    Hi Erin, I accidentally found your blog by following a link on pinterest. I was a bit curious why you didnt like to be a minimalist and before I keep plugging away at it a little every day I though …OH is there downfall? But after reading your humorous post I realised what you were doing.
    I kept reading your blog and found this little gem of 18 things for 2018 and although Im not in your neighbourhood, I will give you 18 things. Well, it will maybe put things into perspective for me along the way.
    1/ My blog name comes from a nickname I have been affectionately know by EVY, the numbers on the end are irrelevant, the website just suggested them as ivy was taken on wordpress.
    2/My blog is a small collection of some of the craft I do, my family live afar and they can look at it to see what Im up to if they want to. But its also like a memory album to me and to keep me being creative…which I have not been over the holiday period!
    3/And yes Erin, Im looking at your 18 and sort of getting ideas of what to add here. I would like to become minimalist, Im slowly picking away at it, but I couldn’t do it quickly as I struggle to get rid of things and its a real process for me.
    4/ Im very sentimental and like to keep things that remind me of special people and moments (this is a big downfall in minimising)
    5/ I have a brown devon rex cat that I adore and I fuss over too much, even more than my 3 daughters sometimes lol.
    6/ Im an extrovert but still like my quiet moments and time alone to recharge regularly.
    7/I often do too many things at once and kick myself because the outcome is not as successful as it could have been if I just did one thing well!
    8/I don’t love shopping that much, people can be so rude and I never find exactly what I want. I find it easier to buy something i love when I see it. I hate wasting the whole day at the shopping centre, but my daughters love it 🙁
    9/ I wake up every day and try to make the day a little better than the previous day, it doesn’t always work!
    10/ My big goal at the moment is to be organised and simplify my life as much as possible at work and at home.
    11/I have recently moved into the menopausal part of my life and its really unpleasant, still trying to cope with it and be positive.
    12/Craft is my thing, and I get a lot of pleasure from it, I think its good therapy for a stressed mind (like mine)
    13/My 3 daughters and I live in a little suburban house inAustralia and I secretly like that its small because its easy to clean and maintain.
    14/I work less than a kilometre away but I mostly driva to work because I usually have to pick up kids or do things after work (thats my excuse at the moment but really its just the easy way out)
    15/ I work at a school (run the tuck shop) Im a qualified chef but not many people know that, I choose to work here as its school hours and suits our lifestyle.
    16/ In 2018 my word is SIMPLIFY. I make small changes every day to make my life more simple, and less stressful.
    17/ I have a long distance relationship with my gorgeous partner that loves me and it has worked well for almost 8 years now.
    18/ Im proud of my 3 daughters and dont tell them that often. They are all teenage and still need ALOT of discipline which = stress.
    I hope you enjoy hearing a little about me, I enjoyed reading your 18. Thanks for the interesting posts Erin, I look forward to reading more.

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      January 31, 2018 at 9:33 am

      Yvette, thank you for sharing all of these wonderful things about yourself! Isn’t Pinterest great for connecting people! I love that you named your blog after your nickname and use it to connect with friends who are not close to you. I don’t have daughters (or any children actually), but I fuss over my chickens more than my fur babies would prefer sometimes! 😉 They are very insistent on being momma’s favorites. haha. Having a smaller home is nice. We used to have a 1,400+ square foot house that would take forever to clean. Downsizing to a 600 square foot home has freed up a lot of time from cleaning and just enjoying life. Smaller is definitely better for us right now. I wish I enjoyed crafts, but unless it is spray painting, I do not make the time for it. I guess you could say that writing is my craft, because I do enjoy it! I am so glad you shared these 18 things with me! Now I feel like I have a friend on the other side of the world!

      • Reply
        February 1, 2018 at 6:17 am

        Erin, thank you for your lovely reply, and yes I’am a friend on the other side of the world! 🙂

  • Reply
    February 1, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Erin! My name is Ginger. I also found your blog via pinterest and decided to click over. I love that we live in a day in age where it can be that easy to ‘meet’ someone (tho often it doesn’t feel that way). I’m not sure I’ve ever been asked to share 18 things about myself on the fly, but let’s see where this takes me….

    1) I’m named after my great-Grandmother
    2) I do not have red hair (an infuriating question these last few years)
    3) Ironically I do have 2 adorable RED headed boys! (They get it from the other side.)
    4) I’m mid-west through and through, and and a happy resident here in Kansas City!
    5) I have been a wedding photographer for the past 9 years. I just decided to branch out and try my hand at blogging after dreaming of doing it for years.
    6) I have had the same best friend since I was 8.
    7) I am married to my college sweetheart.
    8) I have one teeeeeeeny tattoo on my foot.
    9) I majored in fine art.
    10) Classic rock is my jam. And 90’s alternative. And today it’s Florence and the Machine
    11) I own 4 pairs of Sperry’s and am eyeing more.
    12) My favorite stores are thrift stores. One time I tried going to the Goodwill Outlet though and felt like it was indoor dumpster diving. I admitted I may have crossed over a thrifting line and haven’t been back. LOL
    13) I’m genuinely shocked I’ve made it to 13 already….
    14) My brother and I share the same birthday – 11 years apart <3
    15) I started my first solo garden last year and LOVED it. I got the farmers almanac this year and can't wait for this years garden to begin. #crazygardenlady It's a small spot so I strung my tomatoes as an experiment and now I'll never go back.
    16) Sequins are my favorite to wear, it's just too much fun! BUT normally I wear sweats and leggings eveerrrrrrrrry day.
    17) I heart naps so hard. It's been floated that my Native American name would be something like Ginger-Naps-Alot
    18) I was voted worst driver in my high school class.

    I MADE IT! 🙂
    Also, I'm adding you to my reader!

    • Reply
      Erin | A Welder's Wife
      February 19, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      Ginger, I am so glad you took a risk and jumped in to share. It is so great getting to know some things about you! I am a big fan of classic rock and 90s music as well! Gardening is so much fun! I had a hard time with tomatoes as well. It took me several years to have a successful harvest, and I hope to have another one this year. I love your Native American name! haha! My husband should have a name similar to that. He naps like a king! haha! So glad to have you as a part of this community!

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